This is Rina.  Rina has come from a shelter in Romania. Rina can be nervous with things he is not used to he doesnt like gloves or being toweled dried and is wary of some men.  Rina doesnt like someone putting their hands over his head.  Rina is not keen on the car but was getting used to it with treats and gentle persuasion.  Rina was living in a home for a few weeks and things were going well until a neighbour interrupted a car familiarisation session by leaning over Rina's head to put a treat in front of him this frightened Rina understandably as he didnt see him coming so he snapped at the man.  Rina would have thought the man was asserting dominance in the dog world the dominant dog stands on the other dog with its front legs on the shoulder of the lesser dominant dog Rina would have thought the man was asserting dominance on him we hope this explains why Rina reacted the was he did he was on 2 leads one attached to a collar the other attached to a harness with nervous rescue dog clearly marked on them he was restrained so no harm done.  If only the man had respected Rina's space and asked for a proper introduction this could so easily have been avoided. 
All of these things can be overcome with kindness and patience if you have kindness and the patience to work with Rina and give him a second chance at happiness please get in touch.  Rina is so very anxious to please as is a friendly boy who is good with other dogs not sure on cats as he has never met any due to his nerves we would suggest a home without children  

All My Details

  • Age: 2
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Black and Tan
  • Coat: Short
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Good with other dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Don't Know
  • Good with children: Don't Know
Added on Wednesday, 06 November 2019
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