South West GSD Rescue - Rescuing and Re-homing German Shepherd Dogs in Devon and the South West

DUE TO THE RECENT LOCKDOWN IM AFRAID ALL VISIT TO DOGS IS DEEMED NON ESSENTUAL TRAVEL.  PLEASE BARE WITH US AND CONTACT US AS SOON AS LOCKDOWN IS LIFTED THANK YOU. Email from APHA  After the government announcement on the 4th of January, England is now in a new national lockdown. Therefore, you must only leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse.

Currently, adopters are unable to travel to visit/meet the pet, prior to rehoming it, so some virtual means of allowing the adopter to view the animal in its current environment is necessary.

Picking up a puppy/kitten/dog/cat is deemed non-essential and should not occur at this time. It is the responsibility of therescue centre to ensure the welfare of the animal until it is legal for you to collect the animal. 

If you have been home checked already please keep an eye on the dogs needing homes page as we are unable to contact everyone with information of the new dogs coming in, please contact us via email or private message,thank you

kind regards Paula, Sally, Neil, and Martin

Health and Safety

We ask that all our Home checkers, Dog assessors, and Transport drivers CONTACT US VIA TEXT OR MESSENGER, to say they have arrived at said place and when they leave


We have an adjudicator where you can send any complaints you may have. The email to use is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , thank you


We have some dogs in kennels that are long stayers if you sponsor one of them, even £1,00 per week it will help keep them in safety.

You will get a sponsorship pack containing a sponsor certificate, fridge magnet, keyring, and a pen, plus 3 updates per year on your chosen dog.

All sponsorship money is to be paid by Direct Debit, we will give you the Bank Details when requested




Become a Sponsoralt

If you are a business and would like to sponsor our work at Southwest gsd rescue please contact us for further information. We are happy to advertise your services on our website in return.


Welcome to the home of South West GSD and Dog Rescue

Charity number 1171842  

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We are a non-profit organisation based in the South West of England dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of German Shepherds,related cross-breeds and other dogs in need.

Please feel very welcome to wander around our site at your leisure. Information on the dogs we currently have in rescue can be found here, as well as details of our Adoption Process which includes an outline of our re-homing conditions. 

How we do what we do:

Except in the most extreme of circumstance and dire need, we don't do kennels. Unfortunately at the moment, we are having to use kennels as we have a lot of dogs in, we will be getting them into foster homes as soon as possible.

Sociable creatures that need to be at the heart of a family, we don't believe that Shepherds do at all well in kennels, and so have built our Rescue on the goodwill and support of an army of volunteers all across the country that provide foster homes for the dogs in our care. Yet more supporters and volunteers provide transport to pick up and drop off dogs in all corners of the UK and help out with the home-checks needed for every potential new foster or forever home that comes along.

We are always looking for more volunteers, whether to help with fund-raising, home-checks, transport or provide foster care for dogs in need. Our ability to make a difference is constrained only by the goodwill and resource of those that step forward to help; the folks that step forward to make a difference with us.

The Rescue covers the transport costs, veterinary fees and food bills for all of our dogs in foster care. All we ask of our foster homes is that they provide a safe and loving environment for the dog, time and attention, feeding and walks. We take great care in selecting the right dog for the right foster home, great care in ensuring each can meet the other's needs, and provide continual support and advice until a forever home is found.

Your help can make a massive difference, and we feel the rewards are huge.

If you think you can help, in any way, please get in touch.

Fundraising for the SWGSDR

If fostering is not for you then don't worry as there are many other ways in which you can help the rescue dogs by joining in with our very friendly and very active fundraising team. We as a rescue are always looking for ways to raise much-needed funds for all the veterinary costs, food bills, etc... that we incur in providing the best care for our dogs. So if you are creative with ideas as well as having a flair for anything else then come and join us on one of our awareness stalls or join in one of our many sponsored events - even if it's just to make the tea! 

If your not that way inclined and just want to make a simple donation then please use either the link here for

If any of you shop online, which is highly likely in this day and age, then we would greatly appreciate if you would sign up for easy fundraising and register our rescue. this helpful little site costs you nothing but means the world to a little rescue like ours. The link is down below.


All donations are gratefully recieved.

And elsewhere:

We have a very active, very friendly Facebook Group dedicated to our Rescue that is a great place to keep track of our activities, ask questions, seek advice or generally natter about all matters dog related. Please don't hesitate to apply to join the Group, the only real admission criteria is a shared passion for our dogs and what we do: