Annie will be available under our permanent foster scheme which means the rescue will pay for any vet bills that she may need all the foster needs to do is feed flea worm and love her.
This is Annie she is around 8 years old she was bought back to the rescue after her owners tired of her. Annie did go to foster but unfortunately can’t stay there so we are looking for a new home for Annie. Annie is the perfect dog apart from one thing she doesn’t like other dogs and will bark and lunge at them. If anyone can help this lovely girl please get in touch, Annie has been in a home for the last 8 years she will not do well in kennels last time she became very sad and withdrawn. This write-up is from her foster mum please have a read and if you can help please get in touch.
Annie is good to bathe and lets me give her a blow-dry with my hairdryer (on low heat) Her coat is looking good and shiny and she no longer smells like she did when she first got here. She lets me put my hand in her food when eating so is not food aggressive at all. She will sit next to me when I have a lap tray with food on it even steak and does not bother at all.
She is not a lover of rain or wind but was no problem on November on Bonfire night.
She is still dog aggressive and will bark and growl and lunge at them and also I have found out is the same with horses. People she loves even the vet!!! Annie likes the garden and does love her squeaky balls.
This is the only thing she has problems with as otherwise, she is the perfect dog who loves cuddles and sitting with you she loves being brushed and just loves being loved. So if a potential adopter was able to help her with this one problem she would then also enjoy walks and not have to spend all her time on a lead.