Brook’s Story re-homed

Brook needs a home!

Name: Brook (though we call him Small Dog)
Age: 6 (estimated passport age, I think he may be younger)
Size: Medium dog, 16-20kg
Likely Breed: German Shepherd x something small
Location: Nailsea, North Somerset


Brook was found in Breasta in Romania where he was a terrified and shut down dog who had little to no human interaction. He was saved and brought over to the UK, however he was so shut down and scared of people nobody could even touch him.
I picked Brook up from the UK kennels on 31st December 2020 and he has been with us ever since. In that time we have worked with him to slowly build his confidence up and he is now ready to find a permanent home.
In terms of his time with us, we took things very slowly. He would not allow us to touch him initially so we left him alone as much as possible while still being present and started hand feeding him after a week or so of settling in time. Around a month after he arrived we started being able to touch him and we’ve built it up slowly from there. After he’d been with us around 6 weeks our wonderful dog trainer friend very kindly allowed us the use of her field to start allowing him to see the outside world safely. It is only in the last 3 weeks or so that we have been able to take him out on lead for walks and he has made amazing progress and is just loving life.

The Good:

  • Brook is living with 2 other dogs happily.
  • We have had very polite interactions with other dogs out on walks.
  • He is very food oriented and so much fun to work with.
  • He has his basic commands (sit, down, paw)
  • He enjoys a fuss once he’s comfortable
  • He prefers women to men (I think that’s good anyway )
  • He is house trained
  • He is neutered
  • He is most likely to run away or hide from something scary and has shown no signs of aggression
  • He enjoys going out on walks.
  • He is OK being left for 1-2 hours with the other dogs for company.

The Bad:

  • He has no idea what his name is. We’ve been calling him “Small Dog”. On the bright side you could easily rename him?
  • Brook hasn’t been left alone much since we’ve been working from home. The longest we have left him is a couple of hours with 2 other dogs for company. The one time we left him on his own with no other dogs or people he cried until we got back. I therefore would prefer a home where if he is left there is another dog for company, and an understanding that he will need to be built up if he’s going to be left regularly.
  • Puppy behaviour – as he has gotten more confident around the house he has shown some puppy-like tendencies like nipping at ankles for attention and demanding food while we’re eating. He has nipped when trying to get food from my 12 year old daughter so he is no longer allowed around her when she is eating. His new home will need to be prepared for setting boundaries and I therefore feel he would be best placed without children, or with older teenagers only. I would think his behaviour could be managed around visiting children in the same way we do by separating at mealtimes.
  • While we have built his confidence up a lot, he can still be a little nervous of new things. He has gained a lot from living with my 2 dogs so ideally I would like him to be rehomed with another more confident dog.
  • Visitors – since he has lived with us during lockdown we haven’t had many visitors to the house. When we have had visitors he has taken himself off to his same place and kept his distance, but after a while has accepted treats but not pets. He has barked at a guest when he felt cornered so I would urge a cautious approach.
  • He hasn’t had much lead training . He doesn’t pull on the lead but he can weave and circle a lot. I tend to walk him on a long line or a retractable lead so probably my fault more than his. On a walk he is still not fully confident around passing cars, barking dogs, groups of people etc. But he’s getting better every day. When he is scared he will try to hide.
  • I have no idea how he is with cats. Given that he is mostly scared of new things this could be OK with careful introductions, but I can’t make any guarantees about safety. At your own risk.

The ideal home will have:

  • – No children / older teenagers only
  • – A resident dog already
  • – Will not leave him alone without building him up
  • – Some experience of handling less confident

If you think you could offer a good home for Brook please complete an application form.


Brook’s Details

  • Age: 6
  • Gender: Male
  • Colour: Black and Tan
  • Coat: Short
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Good with other dogs: Yes
  • Good with cats: Don’t Know
  • Good with children: Don’t Know