Eddie went home at 5 months old along with another pup the same age. Eddie is now around 3 years old and is a loving dog however he has been displaying more challenging behaviour more recently which may be since owners had baby in January. Eddie has always been aggressive towards other dogs when out on walks (both on and off the lead) but this has been managed. He has also shown cause for concern with toddlers so would recommend he doesn’t go to a home with small children as well as dogs. He has never shown aggression towards his owners and is a loving and loyal companion who needs to be in a home without any other dogs, we believe, although he has lived alongside Hugo for 2 years any other dogs he does not get along with. He has also been quite aggressive with people he doesn’t know when on the lead if they have come close to us but again this has been very sporadic and not everyone. the owners are heartbroken to have to rehome him but it is not working in their current situation with a baby, due to his unpredictable behaviour. We would love for someone to take him in and give him a good home as he deserves it. He is fully up to date with his vaccinations but has not been neutered on the advice of the vet due to his behaviour. Any other queries about him please get in touch. Eddie would benefit from a quiet home with no dogs or children someone with their own land would be perfect for him