Hamish is 8 months old, he is fully vaccinated, microchipped, and up to date with flea, worm, and tick treatments.
Hamish has a few issues..
He resource guards, and can get quite narky when he wants something, and you go to take it away from him, although this has been worked on, and he is getting a lot better with that. He also can be very bossy and will let you know if he does not want you walking past him.
But he also can be the most loving dog. He loves to play, pulls on the lead, and does not like other dogs. Hamish was let down very badly by his previous owner before he came to us.
Hamish will not be rehomed with children or other dogs.
Hamish will need very experienced GSD owners, that know how to deal with his issues.
If you think that you can help this very young boy out, and believe you can make him a better dog, then please do contact us by messenger, phone call, or complete our online adoption form. I am sure there is a potential new home for him out there.