Through no fault of her own, Maddie has been returned to us at southwest gsd rescue.
Maddie is 7 years old, she is a lovely girl who likes a lot of attention. She is very responsive to commands and always willing to please. Maddie has lived with cats, which she initially chased, but now with lots of praise and treats is happy to be around them with no chasing.
Since being in her home she has not been socialised with other dogs but was fine before she went to her home with them so hopefully will be again Maddie is ok when out she does have a  halti when out on walks.
She loves being with people and is gentle with children.
She will bark when someone comes to the door or is close to property but is fine once the person has been greeted and soon settles.
She loves her balls and will play fetch and chooses when the games are over, as she will go and lay down.
During the hot spell, she has loved having a small pool of water and enjoys catching spray from a water pistol.
All her vaccines, worm, and flea treatments are up to date.
If you think you could give the beautiful Maddie a new forever home, please do contact us. Complete the adoption form online, or message us, or call us.
Small adoption fee.
Thank you.