Meet Ziggy he is currently in Bodmin in foster. Ziggy has recently been castrated. He has been fabulous with the resident children (almost 3 and 6.5) and very good with the 7 yr old male collie. Basic commands (sit, stay) there with encouragement and he can walk nicely on lead when reminded. Very keen to please and clever enough to get training quite quickly. He is however very nosy and will chase movement – his recall is getting better with treats to encourage him.
No signs of any problems with other dogs, may be a bit “ott” for some as he wants to play and doesn’t know when to stop asking. He has been similarly “ott” playful – with the cat who has taken a massive dislike to him and provokes him at every opportunity. A home either without a cat or with very dog-confident cats would be best. Or a large enough space that the two could co-exist with no real need to meet 🙂
Ziggy has no dominant tendencies but because of size needs firmness as he can’t be easily moved if he doesn’t want to be.
He is described as ‘collie x’ but has no collie behaviour traits we can see – he is more like an overgrown lab or spaniel!
He is genuinely lovely, any issues are around lack of training, youth and high spirits, there’s nothing “wrong” with this boy at all