SPECIAL HOME REQUIRED Can any one help please this is for Simba a young gsdx this is what his present foster says about him’
Simba is absolutely beautiful very bright he has learnt sit, down and working progress wait in a really short space of time. Clean in the house. He walks well on the lead doesn’t really leave your side for long off lead and loves a game of stick he is very food driven so makes recall really easy. It took me 20 minutes to gain his trust and my husband about 30 minutes (offering him food from your hand really helps)
He needs a strong person to guide him and install rules and boundaries as he is a bouncy adolescent.
He does suffer with separation anxiety (which is being worked on with some success and will need to be continued)
He needs an adopter who is around most of the time and has the time to work on building up leaving him, he has so much potential and he is brilliant with all dogs male/ female, entire or neutered. When left Simba Just paces, starts with whining and then barks. Not destructive at all

if you follow the link loads more info and photos (Click Here)