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Tommy gsdx was born Jan 2021 just a baby really good with other dogs friendly boy neutered vaccinated and microchipped 



Meet Cuthbert he is a 5-year-old gsdx friendly good with other dogs up to date with vaccinations microchipped and neutered 

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Meet Ziggy he is currently in Bodmin in foster. Ziggy has recently been castrated. He has been fabulous with the resident children (almost 3 and 6.5) and very good with the 7 yr old male […]

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Meet Skye this little beauty is a gsdx 9 months old. Skye is house-trained and learning every day. She is teething so likes to chew but a meaty bone from the butcher has this sorted […]

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Drinti a 4-year-old male Belgian shepherd good with other dogs and people walks well on a lead fully vaccinated and microchipped 

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This is Terry he is around 2-3 years old he has spent most of his life on a chain I’m happy to say Terry is no longer chained   Terry is wary of people and needs […]

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This is Rohan he is around 4 since arriving he doesn’t seem keen on other dogs but this could be the kennel environment as he was good with other dogs when in the shelter  he […]

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This is Leo he is a 3-year-old male gsd he has a super character good with other dogs he is good natured.  Leo has no lead sense, no recall. no cats, no children, he jumps […]

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This is Iker they say 4 in August we think around 2, this boy is like an overgrown pup he knows nothing. Iker jumps up continuously, pulls like a freight train, no recall at all. […]

Dogs Looking For Homes


Lara is 4 years old she loves walks and is lead trained Lara would be fine as an only dog or living with another dog.  Lara is very friendly and affectionate fully vaccinated and spayed.  […]

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